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Don't Let Blessings Pass You By

Practice flexing your “inspiration muscles” by acting on insights that you recognize are in harmony with the highest good. Don’t let the opportunity for a blessing pass you by.
~Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian

When we begin a meditation practice we are often surprised by the myriad thoughts that we have because we haven’t paid attention before.  Also, as our minds get quieter, over time, we start to notice inspirations and intuition that we haven’t paid attention to or haven’t trusted and we may have let blessings pass us by. Sometimes it may just be a small thing, such as having the intuition to call someone who you haven’t talked to in a while.  That phone call may just be the personal connection that makes a positive difference to both of you that day. Or that phone call may turn out to significantly affect a big decision you need to make even though that wasn’t your intention when you called. The blessings of life are all around us, all we need to do is pay attention to that still small voice that wants to guide us.  That still, small voice is always speaking for the highest good. It will never let us down.