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Change Your Mind

We can improve our attitude, outlook, health, sense of well-being, energy levels, and happiness by changing our mind.
~Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian

Our mind is not who we are. We are greater than our mind. We know that because we can observe our minds. Our meditation practice teaches us to observe our thoughts. In the philosophical teachings of yoga, thoughts are described as fluctuations in the mind-field. Through our meditation practice we become more aware of the thoughts we have and become aware that we have the power to change them. When we observe thoughts that are disturbing, we realize that we can change our minds and entertain thoughts that are more pleasing and beneficial to our body, mind and spirit. We can calm the fluctuations.  A calmer mind allows us to sleep better and make better choices for our health. A calmer mind allows us to have better relationships. A calmer mind allows us to live a more peaceful, more content life.
Another quote from Yogacharya— Change your mind-change your life.