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Concentrate to Meditate

Concentration is the act of directing the attention to one point. This flowing of attention can be quite effortless, as long as there is a steady flow of attention and no diversion is allowed to interfere.The secret of controlling life experiences is tied up in the proper understanding of concentration. A person who knows how to concentrate, can accomplish more, in a few hours, than the average person can accomplish in many days or weeks.

~Roy Eugene Davis


Meditation practice begins with interiorization: we shut our eyes and direct our attention inward. Next can come concentration on a single point of focus such as the breath or a mantra. The practice of concentration quiets the mind and and allows meditation to occur, that restful state where boundaries fall away and we reach the deep peaceful bliss that is our true nature. Concentration is useful beyond our daily meditation practice. It allows us to finely direct our energy during daily life and realize our worthwhile goals. Resolve to enhance your meditation practice today.