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Live in Possibility

We live in a world of pure possibility. Open the windows of your mind.
~Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian

As we are moving to the end of this year and into the new year, we have choices. If we have had or seen difficulties in this past year, we can dwell in what should have been or painful worry about what might be in the future, or we can look forward to envision the possibilities of good and healing that can come. It is the nature of the material world to heal. We see that in our own bodies when we have a cut or scratch on our skin. Let us envision that healing for our selves, for our families, our friends and our world. Let us envision the good that is inherent in all that is and know it to be true. Let us open the window of our mind that possibility.
This is our wish for you as we let go of the past and move into the new year.