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Be the Peace You Want to See in the World

Peace comes in a moment but takes a lifetime to realize. It is not something we attain; it is a way of life. Fill your day with peaceful moments that become a peaceful life.
~Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian

It is common at this time of year, the beginning of the new year, to make a new year's resolution. Then we find that we have broken that resolution and give up.
What if we just set an intention to live a peaceful life?  What if we decide that we will be a center of peace in our families, in our work place and in our world?  Imagine what a difference that will make. The energy of peace ripples out and affects those around us. They can catch that energy and become centers of peace as well.  And on it goes.
Just set an intention to be that peace. An intention guides our steps. Yogacharya O'Brian has said "Intention is an aim that guides action. It can be understood as a significant, immediate embarking on a chosen path, a purposeful trajectory that has its starting point where we are."
Through our regular meditation practice, we can change the world!  Our practice supports us in slowing down, being less reactive, being happier and more content. Our relationships improve. Peace is who we are at the core of our being. Every moment becomes a peaceful moment. Discover that!