Santa Rosa Meditation Group

Experience the life enhancing benefits of a regular meditation practice

Make Useful Choices

Begin [your meditation] with keen interest and sustain your interest. Notice the changes in awareness that occur when your mind is calm. Use breath awareness, affirmation, or listening to subtle sound to focus your attention until meditation flows naturally. Let your enhanced clarity of awareness and improved ability to live effectively motivate you to continue to skillfully meditate.
Roy Eugene Davis

When we first begin a daily practice of meditation, it can be surprising to notice how busy the mind tends to be. But as we continue regularly for at least twenty minutes a day, we learn to let transitory thoughts, sounds and sensations fall away into the background as we enter into the flow of meditation. As we continue to meditate regularly, the benefits are apparent not just during meditation but also in life. We learn to keep our mental state calm and on track even when events are challenging. Intuition guides us and we learn to trust in the flow of events as we make useful choices more and more easily in an increasingly supportive universe.