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You Are the Observer

Take a step away from identifying with changing mental states by discerning the dominant quality in the mind such as peace, passion, or inertia. You are not the quality; you are the Seer, the Observer.
~ Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian

There are three qualities that imbue all of nature including our mind. The first is the uplifting quality of peacefulness or harmony. The second is passion, activity or restlessness. The third is inertia and is often associated with negative thoughts. Our meditation practice shows us that as the nonjudgemental Observer we can moderate our mental states and when overtaken by inertia  we can use activity or passion to move us away from inertia. Then we have the freedom to make those useful choices that move us towards balance and harmony where we can a positive support both ourselves and others. Observe your mental state and exercise your innate freedom to take full control of it.