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Above the Clouds of Thought


Meditation begins when the effort required to concentrate gives way to a steady flow of attention. The approach to meditation requires some initial expenditure of energy like an airplane on the runway that builds speed and energy to the point of lift-off. Meditation is above the clouds of thought.
~Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian

We do have to make some effort along with our intention at the beginning of our meditation practice each day. We make an effort to get to our meditation cushion or chair, and then the effort to use a technique to quiet the thoughts.  Every day, the more we practice, that effort and intention becomes easier. It is easier to make the effort because of the peace we experience once we have taken off. But like the airplane, we still need the pilot, our witness consciousness, to stay aloft, keeping ourselves on course. Make the effort and have the intention to rise above the clouds of thought. Pay attention and observe what is happening and when that transition from concentration to meditation takes place. Pay attention to what is happening and stay on track. Then rest in that peaceful place above the clouds of thought and enjoy.