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Notice What You Experience

While you may initially use some technique to quiet your thoughts when you sit to meditate, let go of it once the mental field becomes calm. Then what? Be curious. Be patient. Look within and listen within. Notice what you experience. Be the conscious witness.
~Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian


Meditation is not a passive act. It is a time of conscious observation. As we sit and the thoughts quiet, we remain alert and aware. We are waiting for the transition from concentrating on the single point of focus, our technique, into the flow of meditation. It is that peaceful quiet place where we are completely present in the moment. As that state reveals itself, we listen to the quiet. This prepares us to hear the "still, small voice".  We notice. We rest and enjoy. Then as we notice thoughts arise again, we allow them to pass by. That is the conscious practice of meditation.