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Balance is the Key

Balance is the key that unlocks the gate to freedom. Through balanced living, become the key; slip through the lock, thin as a blade, vast as the meadow in bloom.
~Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian

We often hear that we should live a balanced life. What does that mean? Life in moderation. Doing our best, but knowing that the outcome of our endeavors is not up to us. Eating a moderate, healthy diet. Taking care of our bodies. Taking care of our minds. Being grateful for what we have and for all the beauty around us. Appreciating those people around us. Enjoying our lives. Having fun. This is balanced living. This is how we all want to live and we can all be that balance. Meditation supports this way of life because we become more conscious, through a regular practice. Living this way contributes to a more calm and peaceful world. A world where everyone benefits.