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Notice Your Contentment

We may fail to notice our own contentment if we get too busy chasing after things.
~Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian

One of the basic things that we want in this life is to be happy. We want a lasting happiness, not just a fleeting moment. Lasting happiness is contentment.  It is not just those "up" times that are fun. It is a deep joy that pervades our being. We may think that "if I get that thing or that relationship then I will be happy". The things or situations we desire are nice, but they are not the source of our happiness because they always change. We have that deep joy, that contentment now, in this present moment. Our meditation practice reveals it to us. When the mind quiets, we notice what it is like to just "be".  Slow down, take the time, notice your innate happiness, notice your innate contentment.