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Relax Into Meditation

When meditating stay alert and attentive. Don't strain or struggle to have results. Relax into the experience and let your innate qualities and knowledge of higher realities be revealed.
~Roy Eugene Davis

Often, when we begin a meditation practice we find it difficult to stay focused on directing our attention inward. We may find that we struggle with the practice and often that leads to abandoning our practice because of the struggle. The state of meditation is natural for us. All we need to do is arrange conditions to let it happen. Find a technique that works for you, practice that and allow yourself to just relax into meditative awareness.  Remember that we are not meditating to meditate, but to improve the life that we are living, so look for the results of meditation in your daily life.  Allow yourself to experience those qualities of calm, contentment and joy that are the truth of who you are.