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Experience the life enhancing benefits of a regular meditation practice

Ground Yourself with Daily Meditation

Paramahansa Yogananda emphasized one’s daily spiritual practice of meditation. He always said that surely if people will ground themselves in daily meditation they will experience inner unfoldment that will keep them stable, then they are not likely to get off the track. If they attend to that first, that’s the important thing.

~Roy Eugene Davis

We can all experience the many benefits of meditation, but first we have to meditate for at least twenty minutes every day. The benefits can start appearing after as little as eight to ten weeks of daily meditation. So what can we do to ensure we meditate each day? Planning begins the night before. If we go to bed at least twenty minutes earlier than before meditation practice, we can be fully rested the next morning and be ready to begin the day with our practice. For most of us, it is easier to meditate soon after waking because we are not yet fully occupied with the competing pulls of daily life. And yes, if we find ourselves dozing off during meditation, this merely means that we need to sleep more.