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Pay Attention


Attend to the inspirations that arise within you. Pay attention to your intuition. Notice.

~Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian


We all experience intuition, but often we don't pay attention or think "Oh, that can't be." Often we think that we want something different than what our intuition is telling us so we ignore it.
Intuition is our inner guidance system speaking to us. We can tell that it is right, because we can take our time with it.  It doesn't change or go away. When we follow it we feel a peace within.  Pay attention to that inner voice. Question it and see what answers you get. Give yourself time.
Awareness of our inner knowing is one of the great gifts of our meditation practice. It is a quiet voice. The bible calls it the "..still small voice." Your life will be so much more fulfilling when you pay attention to it.