Santa Rosa Meditation Group

Experience the life enhancing benefits of a regular meditation practice

Your Efforts are Never Wasted

To meditate, use the power of the mind itself to subdue restless thoughts. This is accomplished through intention, focus, and ultimately, surrender. 
~Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian

We begin our meditation practice with a conscious affirmation that we will meditate deeply. Next we employ a concentration technique like focusing on the breath or breathing through the spiritual eye to quiet our thoughts and purify the mental field. When distractions occur, we come back to the focus technique. We remain alert, waiting for the shift from concentration into the deep peacefulness of meditation itself. After we reach meditation if we fall back out, we can always
return to the technique. We are always surrendered to the ongoing reality of our meditation experience. Some days the process is relatively easy, some days it is not at all easy, but we know that our efforts are never wasted.