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Our Words Are Powerful

Sonoma alley

Sonoma alley

Be truthful. Speak words that bring love. Encourage others.
~Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian

The words that we speak are powerful.  We can bring joy, peace and love to ourselves and others with the words we speak, or difficulty and suffering.  As we often say, everything is energy. Science has proven that. The words we speak bring energy.  We want to bring positive energy to ourselves and to others. Love and compassion comes through us, with our words. Speaking the truth, with compassion, brings the power of truth out into the world. Taking a few moments of silence before we speak will let us know if the truth we speak is compassionate or harmful. This includes what we say to ourselves. Our regular meditation practice teaches us to observe ourselves and enables us to pause before we speak. Compassionate, loving speech is our goal.