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Cultivate Compassion

By focusing on friendliness and other such qualities, the power to transmit them is obtained.
~Yoga Sutras of Patanjail 3:24

Often you have heard us teach that at the end of our meditation practice, it is a good time to focus on the peaceful energy that we have experienced while we were sitting and to send that peaceful energy out to our family, friends, our community and the world.  This practice has been taught and experienced for hundreds of years. It works. Focusing our thoughts and behaviors on friendliness and compassion is powerful. We become the center of a ripple that moves out into the world — for those we love and for those whom we may have difficulty with. Just imagine all of us as the center of these ripples. This strength permeates our entire being and we benefit because we are also focusing on this for ourselves. The power of focusing on friendliness and compassion transforms us and transforms the world.