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You Can Change Bad Habits

Both good and bad habits are the children of our thought process. We bring them into being and support them with attention. Then we become convinced they are a part of us we cannot do without. We can change any habit when we see how we created it.
Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian

As we move through life we develop good and bad habits. We often get to a point in life when we want to change the bad habits, but they feel so ingrained, we don't see how we can. But habits are just products of our mind and we can change our mind.  As Yogacharya reminds us, once we understand how the habit has been created and supported, we can replace the bad habits with good habits.  Meditation is one of the supports that helps us to create good habits. With meditation we learn to observe the mind, the helpful thoughts and thoughts that are not so helpful. Nurture the helpful thoughts. As we do that we make them stronger and the bad habits will fall away.