Santa Rosa Meditation Group

Experience the life enhancing benefits of a regular meditation practice

Enhance Your Self Awareness

Learn to meditate superconsciously and do it every day. Do not make excuses for not meditating or sit passively with your thoughts aimlessly wandering. Alertly observe subtle processes and changes in awareness that occur. Proficiency will improve with daily, intentional practice.
~Roy Eugene Davis

When beginning a meditation practice, we are often surprised by the restless nature of the mind. As we continue the practice with intention, neuroplasticity in the brain allows us to create new neural pathways that enhance our ability to concentrate and focus. After just a few month of meditating at least twenty minutes a day, we can get the mind to settle down for longer periods of time. Our self-awareness is enhanced during daily activities and we begin to get control over the interior monologue in our mind. Intuition becomes more keen and we act more in harmony with the graceful flow of events in our life.