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Desire and Stress

Desire—wanting what we want when we want it, or striving for results—is a great contributor to stress. When we are caught up in it, it seems we only need to work harder to get the desired results. What if we actually need to do less? Less doing, less pushing, and instead, more letting go and being present?
~Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian

Often we create stress in our lives by pushing ourselves to create or achieve results that we think we should have. Often we desire something that may not be attainable, or if we do attain it, we realize that it hasn't offered us the happiness or satisfaction that we thought we would have, and that creates stress.

A regular daily meditation practice trains us to live more in the present moment. The practice of a one pointed focus on a single object, like our breath, trains us to be present and to allow the abundance of life to reveal itself to us.  Our practice of meditation allows us to listen to our inner knowing which tells us what is our right action to do.  If something is really important we don't need to push.  We just do the best that we can and trust that the right outcome will happen, at the right time.