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Overcome the Obstacles

If you encounter an obstacle, imagine that it is only an obstacle because you allow it to be one. Ask yourself: What can I let go of that would transform this situation?
~Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian

When we first begin our meditation practice, it is easy to find many things that become obstacles to our taking time to sit in the silence.  We haven't gotten up early enough, we have to go to work early, someone or something needs our attention, maybe I can meditate better in the evening—so I'll just wait until then or oops- I forgot.  The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, scripture from the east that teaches us about meditation, tells us that there are several main obstacles such as laziness, illness, lack of progress, doubt, distractions and cravings for sense-pleasure.  The Yoga Sutras also give us antidotes to these obstacles. For example, practice the opposite.  If we are intent on making sincere, positive changes in our life, through meditation, that's all we need to do. We just need to recognize the obstacle and decide what to do to overcome it. We realize our strengths through overcoming obstacles.