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Staying in touch with the benefits of superconscious meditation is a helpful support to keep us inspired to practice every day. Remind yourself to be good to yourself by meditating today and every day.
~Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian

Meditation promotes health by lowering the level of stress-inducing cortisol in the body so we experience less disease of all kinds. Meditation gives us an inner glow and promotes optimism. Meditation reduces our tendency to be reactive, so relationships are improved. Meditation helps us control the contents of our mind, which helps with our speech and actions in the world. Meditation is the great teacher of focus, so we can get more done. Meditation opens up the channels to our inner intuition, so we find solutions more easily and just know more often what is the right thing to do. Meditation uncovers the deep well of inner peace within us so naturally the world around us is more peaceful and joy filled. Begin or deepen your meditation practice today.