Santa Rosa Meditation Group

Experience the life enhancing benefits of a regular meditation practice

The Solutions Are There For Us

To experience the real solution to a problem, enter the temple of spiritual Truth beyond words and thoughts. Sit in the silence, receptive to your soul’s inspiration. It will come.
~Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian

At the core of our being is a quiet peaceful center. At that center lies the truth and knowing of all. We often call that intuition. We have all experienced it, whether we have followed that intuition or not. We know what the way forward is. The answer to a problem is there for us when we are quiet and listen. Sitting in meditation, allowing all of our busy thoughts to settle, paves the way for our inner knowing to reveal itself. We will know it is right because we feel at peace with the answer. It just feels right. With practice we learn to trust our intuition. As Roy Eugene Davis says, "Do what you know you should do."