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Intend To Be Grateful

Fault-finding can be a habit, but so can approaching life with gratitude. We need only intend to be grateful and then train ourselves to look for the good. Soon, we notice more to be thankful for.
~Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian 

The practice of gratitude supports us in leading a life that is content, peaceful and filled with joy.  It is easy to find fault with ourselves, with others or with situations. Our daily practice of meditation teaches us to observe our mind. When we notice those negative thoughts or maybe we are around people who are complaining about something, we can notice what we are feeling. When we notice negative thoughts, we can pause and decide to change our thoughts. When we notice fault finding, we can change those thoughts by looking at what we are finding fault with and either find something to be grateful for in that situation or person or turn our thoughts to something completely different and be grateful for that. As we do that more and more it becomes a habit. We begin to feel better about our life and those around us. Intend to be grateful.