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Your Home is Your Sanctuary

When a home is a place of peace—of caring, love, awareness, and appreciation for life—we can feel it when we walk through the door. Make your home a sanctuary of divine peace today.
~Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian

flower and candle on the counter

Our home is our sanctuary. Our peaceful energy is the main thing that contributes to that place of peace. Our peaceful energy supports our conscious effort to bring kindness, love and appreciation to others but also to ourselves. Loving ourselves—caring for ourselves is most important because if we don't love ourselves we can't give love and appreciation to others. Our peaceful energy comes from deep inside and is made apparent with our regular meditation practice. Contemplate what you need to do for yourself so that your home can be a place of peace. Consider how you care for your body and mind, paying attention to your diet, exercise, what you read and watch on TV. Consider how you care for your spirit, paying attention to having some time in silence each day. That meditative energy fills your home. Look for the joy around you throughout your day and bring the remembrance of those joyful moments home. Consider how you care for your surroundings. Is your home clean and uncluttered? Do the things around you "bring you joy", as the decluttering expert Marie Kondo teaches? If not, why do you keep them? Light a candle. Bring in some nature. Create that space of peace so that when you walk in the door you feel the big hug that it gives you. Your home is your sanctuary.