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Dismantle Worry

Being fully present in the moment dismantles worry. It is not possible to be fully present to what is now and worry at the same time. Notice.
Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian

This message from Yogacharya O'Brian is so timely for us right now in Sonoma County. We have recently been dealing with power outages, fires and evacuations. This of course brings back the trauma that many of us lived through two years ago. It is so easy to fall into a worried, anxious state of mind. It is easy to panic. Yogacharya is reminding us to notice and acknowledge our feelings. Once we understand what and why we are feeling worried or anxious we can deal with our feelings in a way that is calm so we don't react with inappropriate anger or fear. Also, from that place of calmness we can make the right decisions. Once we become present to our feelings, all we may need to do is take a deep breath and feel our minds and our bodies in this present moment. A single breath is all it takes. Dismantle worry.