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Let Go of Anxiety About Your Practice


Just as anxiety about results (of our meditation practice) should be avoided when meditating, so there should be no anxiety about results after meditation.
~Roy Eugene Davis (from his book A Master Guide to Meditation & Spiritual Growth)

When we begin a meditation practice, we may expect our meditations to go a certain way. We may be expecting certain results during our meditation sitting time and then become disappointed or think that we can't meditate when we don't think that we experience those outcomes. We can't know all that is happening during our meditation time because our conscious perceptions are narrow compared to the vastness of our minds and consciousness. If we enter our practice with open-minded, open-hearted intention our time of practice will be fruitful, whether or not we think it is. Let go of any anxiety about your practice. Set an intention that your time of practice brings all good things to you, the beings around you and to the world. Then just relax into the practice and trust. Enjoy your practice. Enjoy your life.