Santa Rosa Meditation Group

Experience the life enhancing benefits of a regular meditation practice

Use Your Creative Power of Imagination

Every person is now either consciously or unconsciously using their creative power of imagination. Those who use it consciously are able to have their desires fulfilled and live freely and enjoyably. Those who use it unconsciously—who are not aware of the possibility of using it with conscious intention, or who know that it can be done but choose not to be responsible for their actions—are self-confined by their undisciplined behaviors.
~Roy Eugene Davis

Our meditation practice gives us powerful awareness and control over the emergence  of thoughts in our minds. We can use this to attract positive outcomes in the best interests of ourselves and those around us. We can also let thoughts colored by fear or anger fall away because we know that wherever we focus our energy, will increase. Every day take time to affirm the positive, and it will be reflected back to you by the universe in more and more positive ways.