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Our Skills of Discernment

We don’t have to discard reason in order to trust our intuition. Both ways of knowing are important. After we receive an intuitive insight and begin to follow it, our skills of discernment can be used to support us.
~Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian

Intuition is that "still small voice" that we hear when we are quiet. Often we have flashes of intuition, but we don't always listen. Or we are not aware that intuition is our inner knowing speaking to us. We all have it.  We may choose to ignore it because we think that we know better or we want things to be different. We may choose to ignore it because we think that what it is telling us is too difficult. That still small voice is always there, guiding us in the right direction. As Yogacharya O'Brian's teacher, Roy Eugene Davis says "Do what you know you should do." In our time of silence each day we allow our intuitive insight to reveal itself, then throughout our day we are more aware of it. We learn to trust that voice by using our faculty of discernment to examine that insight, determine what it is and how to proceed. The more we follow it, the more we look for it, the more we trust it.