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Choose Deeper Insight

When we meditate and our attention wanders away from our focus and is then recollected, we have a choice. We can bemoan our distracted state of mind, or be curious about what calls us back. The former leads to a flurry of dissatisfaction, the latter leads to deeper insight.
~Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian

Often, when we begin a meditation practice we get frustrated because our mind wanders so often and it feels difficult to keep our attention on our technique, or point of focus. That frustration may cause some to quit their practice because they say that they cannot stop their thoughts, so why try. But when this happens, we can choose to celebrate that we have just experienced that, at the core of our being, we are the observer.  At the core of our being we are the one that observes our meditation practice, observes our thoughts. When we realize this we can choose to celebrate that we have just experienced our True Nature, that part of us that never changes, that part of us that supports us in controlling our thoughts and actions during our meditation practice and even when we are not sitting on the cushion. Make that choice. Be curious. Choose this benefit of meditation.