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Affirm with Confidence

Let the attracting power of your thoughts and states of consciousness bring the experience, events, resources, people, and circumstances which are for your highest good.
~Roy Eugene Davis

Using affirmation is a tool to remind ourselves that we already are what we seek, that we already have all that we need. Affirmations are used to declare what is already true about us, even if in the moment we don't feel that it is true.  Mr. Davis tells us to "speak them (affirmations) with decisive intention, then mentally to experience their transformative effects."  We use the present tense for our affirmation using words such as "I am.." or "My mind is...".  Using words such as "I will.." are not useful because they always keeps us looking toward the future rather than the present.
When we live our lives in harmony with what is true about us at our deepest level — our inner-most being, life is joyful, content and peaceful. There is freedom in not trying to fight with our natural tendencies.  When we live in that freedom we are able to perceive life more clearly.  When we live in that freedom we are able to cooperate with the universal flow of good that powers all life.  Affirmation, our meditation practice and our practices of ethical living support us in removing the barriers to realizing the truth about ourselves.