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The Conscious Life

Before acting, to simply inquire “Am I sincere?” is powerful. We know the answer, if we only stop and ask. This makes conscious living, and the joy that it brings, possible.

~Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian


Besides the physical and mental health benefits that we receive from meditation, one of the greatest benefits of meditation is how we begin to live our lives consciously. This means that we can act, think and speak from a higher awareness.  We are more easily able to let go of negative thoughts, negative speech, worries and fears. We become aware of the good that is all around us. When we live consciously we are able to step back and self-inquire and act, think and speak from the peaceful place at the core of our being, rather than react from a  restricted way of being. Living consciously is a more joyful way of living, a more peaceful way of living. Living consciously is freedom. Meditation is key.