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Emotion Brings Wisdom

Emotion experienced without wisdom and detachment swells like an overflowing stream in a rain storm. Accept that emotion brings wisdom. With discernment, its wisdom can be accessed like drawing water from a well. Just don’t fall in.

~Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian


Often when we begin a meditation practice, thoughts and emotions that we have been suppressing begin to reveal themselves to us. We have been able to suppress because we have been allowing our mind to run rampant with myriad thoughts avoiding the ones that we don't want todeal with. Yogacharya also teaches us to respect our emotions. Let them rise in their own time and gather the wisdom that they bring. She says when we look at them with detachment and respect the wisdom that they bring, we can then let them gracefully move back into their seat, comfortable and quiet. Emotions come and go.  Observe them, learn from them but don't fall into their abyss.