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To experience the real solution to a problem, enter the temple of spiritual truth beyond words and thoughts. Sit in the silence, receptive to your soul’s inspiration. It will come.
~Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian

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There is so much upheaval for those of us who have been experiencing the fires in northern California. We are still recovering from the fear of immediate danger. We are experiencing the grief of our own losses and the losses of others. Then we ask questions such as what to do now?  For many there are going to be lot of decisions to make. For many of us there may be questions of how can I support my friends and neighbor's. Or why was my home saved and not my neighbors? For some questions there are no answers. Some questions will require discernment and the drawing upon the strength of our inner wisdom. We all have the inner knowing of what is the next right thing to do. The right answer is there. Once we discern it, we will experience a peaceful feeling. Sit in the silence, hear the guidance.