Santa Rosa Meditation Group

Experience the life enhancing benefits of a regular meditation practice

The Peace of Meditation

One of the reasons why spiritual retreats can be supportive of
physical, mental and spiritual renewal is that, besides more frequent
meditation sessions, we have time to simply be. ... Once we integrate
meditation into our schedule, we can discover how valuable it is on all
levels of our being.

~Roy Eugene Davis

Retreats offer us the spaciousness to both meditate more deeply and to
spend more time being, rather than doing. Our regular daily meditation
practice offers the experience of just being at a deeply nurturing
level. When we cross the boundary from concentration into meditation, we
are replenished on a cellular level and we accumulate many benefits. We
enhance our ability to focus, our false sense of isolation falls away,
we become more compassionate and our intuition is enhanced. We begin to
smile, imagining a world where everyone enjoys the full benefits of meditation.