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Discover the Sacred

Discovering the sacred in our life requires "fresh eyes"— seeing things as they are and not as we think, want, or assume them to be. The ability to transform our lives and our relationships is contained in something as simple as the way we perceive.
~Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian

Any experience, good or bad, makes an impression in our mind. Most of what we see and perceive is colored by our past experiences. We often don't see or experience things for what they truly are. We know this because we each experience things differently. I might really love a piece of music, while the person next to me hears the same music, but can't stand the sound.
Our perceptions of what is "real" can create suffering in our lives. Our regular meditation practice, healthy lifestyle practices and living a life with integrity can support us in really seeing and appreciating the good that is all around and within us. These practices give us "fresh eyes". Discover the sacred.