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Live in Freedom

Persistent and intense concentration captivates the mind and over time will make it our willing helper, rather than the inner critic it can become without mindful control. The goal of effortless freedom is gradually earned by consistent, joyful discipline.
~Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian

We all want freedom from thoughts of worry fear, or anxiety. We want freedom from uncontrolled anger or that self-critic that may rear its ugly head, telling us that we are not good enough.  Our thoughts can get out of control, taking us to places that we don't want to go.  We can control of our thoughts, not let our thoughts control us. Our joyful discipline is doing what we know we should do, following that inner voice that guides us to our good. We know what is the right thing to do because it benefits us and all of life. We can hear that still small voice when our thoughts are controlled by having a time of silence each day.  That time of silence allows the our inner wisdom, our inner knowing to permeate our mind and our consciousness.  Our mind becomes our friend. We see and experience the benefits of this joyful discipline throughout our day. This is real freedom.