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Listen to the Still, Small Voice

Live well. Live fully. Never compromise your Self.
~Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian

We have an inner voice, what some call our conscience or in spiritual teachings, it is called the Self. This is the innermost part of ourselves that knows what the right thing to do is.  Often, we think that we know what is right, and we really don't want to listen to that Self.  Often we ignore or don't even hear what it is trying to tell us.  When we do listen to that Self, even if it seems that it might be difficult to follow, in the long run it is always the best way and the easiest way. We are flowing with the stream, rather than against it. When our mind is calm and quiet we can hear the Self. We will know the right thing to do — the right thing to say. We live our best life, we live our life fully when we listen to that still, small voice.  We benefit and all of life benefits when we listen and don't compromise.