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Make The Right Choices

What seems to be a mysterious force that compels us to act against our own will is only the force of habit patterns—the influence of mental impressions based on past experience. When impressions are cleared from the mental field by superconscious meditation, spontaneous right action becomes possible.– Ellen Grace O'Brian

If we are compelled to actions or thoughts that are against our will, those reactions are only habits and we can change habits. That's good news! The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali is a seminal scriptural text on meditation and ethical living. It tells us that habits are impressions in the mind, like ruts in a muddy road.  Those ruts can be filled by our regular practice of superconscious meditation.  Superconscious means beyond our normal waking conscious state. It is those moments we have in meditation where we feel a peacefulness, a calmness, a feeling of being in the moment. All of those moments add up and can weaken and eliminate the impressions. This is how meditation can affect our everyday life and allow us to make the right choices.