Santa Rosa Meditation Group

Experience the life enhancing benefits of a regular meditation practice

Carry the sweet fragrance of the soul’s peace everywhere you go today.
— Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian

These classes and programs are available to be presented to your organization or place of work.

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Book Study with Ann~

The Jewel of Abundance:
Finding Prosperity through the Ancient Wisdom of Yoga

Six Tuesdays, June 4th through July 9th 6:30 to 8:30 pm The Journey center- 1601 4th St. Santa Rosa

Fee: $75 (will be collected on the first evening)


Join Ann Hayes as we read, study and contemplate together the deep, life-changing, practical teachings that are offered in this book. In The Jewel of Abundance, award-winning author and Kriya Yoga teacher Yogacharya O’Brian reveals an overlooked aspect of yoga: its powerful teachings on prosperity. 

  • Start to prosper right away by discovering the source of true wealth and honoring your innate, irrepressible inclination to thrive.

  • Embrace your path of prosperous living as a path of spiritual transformation as you live with the guiding light of higher purpose and a toolkit of skillful means.

  • Learn to cooperate with universal spiritual laws that support awakening and thriving while contributing to the well-being of all.

  • Engage in time-tested practices to cultivate wisdom, clarity, and compassion.

  • Become unstoppable by meeting any obstacles or challenges to your success with profound insight, equanimity, and a higher commitment to be of service.


Weekly Meditation Groups

We meet weekly to support our meditation practice.  No experience required.  We offer a short guidance to begin with and then a time of silence.  Then we have time for questions. These groups are for those who have no experience and for experienced meditators alike.

Mondays, Evenings: 6pm to 6:45pm  (no group on the last Monday of the month)

Sonoma County YMCA
1111 College Ave
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Free to YMCA members.  Non-members can purchase a punch card for $5, $6 or $7 per session, depending on how many sessions you purchase.

Learn to Meditate at Santa Rosa JC in 2019

Over this six week course, you will learn what meditation is, why you should meditate and how to establish your own daily meditation practice. You will be supported in being able to create and sustain this beneficial daily habit. We address the nature of the mind, and how to deal with distractions. By the end of the course you notice how you are less reactive to external stress, experience enhanced intuition, are able to focus more clearly on your work and/or projects and become more in touch with your creative abilities.

Santa Rosa Junior College

Next class to be announced

REGISTER: Call Call 707-527-4372 or Register online HERE.

Health Benefits of meditation

Learn about the health and wellness benefits of meditation and simple techniques to bring your meditation practice into your daily life.  Calm your mind, reduce stress and enhance your well-being.

Next class to be announced

Sonoma County YMCA
1111 College Ave
Santa Rosa, CA 95404


REGISTER: Pre-register in the membership office or online


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