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Like the Silence of a Daffodil

Like the silence that is present in the radiant daffodil shining by the roadside, the silent radiance of our essence of being blesses and uplifts those around us.
Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian

At this time of the year the abundance of wonderful, vibrant flowers all around us is lifting up our spirits. These beautiful spring flowers are a visible demonstration of our own vibrant light that is within each one of us. When we allow that light to shine out into the world, we affect those around us, just as we are lifted up when we observe the radiance of the daffodil. Through our practice of meditation and living a conscious, ethical life we clear away the obstacles to letting that silent radiance shine from us. Life is so much easier and joyous when we allow it to shine. We all have it. Let it shine brightly!