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After Meditation

Many people meditate till they feel a touch of peace, but jump up then and leave their meditation for their activities. Whenever possible, however, sit for a long time after your practice of the techniques. That is when the deepest enjoyment comes. Intuition is developed by continuously deepening that enjoyment, and, later on, by holding on to its calm aftereffect.
~Paramahansa Yogananda

The time after meditation offers special opportunities if we take the time to explore them. It is perfect for working with affirmations: positive statements that describe conditions we desire and consciously acknowledge as already in the making. It is a wonderful time for prayer in support of others. Finally the deepest level of understanding can be revealed to us in the form of intuition, and we recognize the truth of what has come to us when it is accompanied by a deep peace and certainty of our new knowledge, free of desire or haste.